How To Cook The Perfect Egg – Rolls Royce Style!

How To Cook The Perfect Egg – Rolls Royce Style!


This is how I like my eggs every morning. Sergi’s has been practicing for month.Thanks to Sergi for cooking

right this is how supercard landi likes for breakfast it isn’t easy so first we add some pepper add some salt these are ready to go open this up and this is hot that is over hot we’ve been preheating the engine and that is going to do it it is super hot today it’s about 45 degrees celsius that’s about 113 degrees fahrenheit now supercar blondie is extremely picky with her eggs so look at this this is the power reserve which is going to track our revs with a v12 rolls-royce wraith what we’re looking for is ideally about six and a half revs anymore and it’s actually overcooked and she doesn’t like that so we’re gonna do six and a half revs very carefully one two three four five six and then the last one is a half i think i might have done a quarter but i’ll give it a little bit more all right that should be that should be okay that should be okay all right now let’s see how this toast is looking i think we did it she’s gonna kill me to be honest it’s very hot the entire day this hood has been cooking underneath the sun so hopefully she’ll understand a little bit let’s see how the eggs are looking because if the eggs are overcooked it’s game over for me but these eggs are looking great look at that that is how you make supercar blondie eggs for breakfast pop that on there yes i mess up the toast but everything else is looking great and we’re gonna go see what she thinks let’s go good morning oh my god thanks serge looks amazing wait is this six and a half birds yeah muggy is this six and a half reps no clearly not

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