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oh hi guys what’s up supergirl bonnie here welcome to the channel this is a bit different today oh my goodness right i am going to drive a tank for the very first time right here how freaking crazy is this so just before i show you how to drive this baby this video is sponsored by world of tanks it is a super super popular game with over 100 million players already and it’s completely free you can go download the game right now guys go have a bit of fun the link to the game is just below this video use this invite code guys tank mania when you register it unlocks three epic tanks gives you free credit and gives you premium access for seven days and a bunch of other stuff look at this haha that is awesome this code is only for new players lots of tanks to choose from as you can see they’re historically accurate as well which is super cool how you play is totally up to you rush in guns blazing or hang back for a sneak attack 40 different battlefields desert forest industrial whatever you want have fun guys right this is what it’s like to drive a tank in real life are you ready for this it’s got a few scraps yeah it’s got a few scratches i mean i know i’m not used to seeing like like being in a vehicle and then like yeah you just drag this across i’m like oh my god you couldn’t do this to any other car ever look at this imagine the scratch report it’s just like a whole lot of like zigzags all over okay let’s do this so all right how was that oh it’s awesome right oh now i can tell oh i’ll get him i’ll get him don’t worry wait did i get him okay i’m right in the middle of a global village stunt production this is desi and this is nasu and they are professional stunt women and men so a massive thank you to you guys for being part of our youtube today how freaking amazing was that and we’ve got the whole team here as well these guys actually do shows here every single day except for tuesdays and these guys are like jumping off things and flying on these ramps and all sorts of stuff like it’s crazy you guys are amazing thank you thank you guys so much for coming out today where’s everyone from italy italy moldova moldova germany germany usa university usa india india italy italy wow that is so cool what a team all right guys thank you so much for being part of this all right so i’ve got something to tell you i’m going to show you right now how to drive this tank and i’ve got something to reveal to you in just a moment come on in come on in so you’ve got to duck down here and then it opens up into a cabin you got this little seat here look at this here now i am in command of a tank but i’ve got a little secret this isn’t actually a real tank this is for the stunt show so what you’ve got is you’ve got these two massive wheels one on either side that is actually driving the tank forward and then you’ve got the tracks here that just kind of run along the ground but what is driving it is these two wheels here run off hydraulics big hydraulics and then you’ve got two little wheels in the back that kind of work to balance it it’s kind of like a shopping trolley and i was like wait how much power does this thing have it’s a 2.2 litre diesel engine with 67 horsepower like what how does this thing even move it must be so heavy so i’m kind of working with a bobcat that looks like a tank that’s what i’m driving but it is super cool what you’ve got here is you’ve got your levers to be able to drive so this is forward push forward with both you’ve got to make sure that’s like kind of even and then when you turn you go like this and like this to go in reverse you go back and you’ve actually got reverse cameras here so you can see it’s not that clear to be honest with you but at least you’ve got some kind of vision because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see anything this is pretty blocked off your vision isn’t great but it gives you enough vision to be able to hopefully not crash into anything now you’ve got your co2 tank here the co2 comes up into the cannon and what you can do is you can move this you saw me doing this before with this little lever here that goes down and then you can push this ready and this fires like that ah this is actually what you can do in the game as well which is so cool all right i’m gonna start her up it’s so loud so as soon as we turn it on you’re not gonna be able to hear me so just watch all right everything that’s going on so down here i’ve got to put my foot on this little pedal in here and that’s basically like a kill switch so if anything happens your foot’s going to come out of there and it’ll just kill everything so everything will turn off so i’ve got to put that down first and then over here you’ve got the power on so you just flick that down and now this is where it gets really loud engine on and you’ve got to make sure the handles are in neutral otherwise it won’t turn on all right now so so oh my goodness wow okay so it’s super loud and you have to kind of just make sure that you’re controlling everything perfectly here because if one of them’s uneven you end up just spinning around in 360. all right guys i hope you enjoyed that that was so much fun and massive thank you to global village for arranging it for me to drive this tank and see the whole stunt show come check it out guys it’s awesome and a massive thank you to world of tanks go download the video game it’s so much fun you actually get to feel like you’re in command of your own tank don’t forget to use the code because it unlocks so many different features that you otherwise wouldn’t get without it alright guys that’s it i’m out love ya bye you

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