How to get a free Bugatti

How to get a free Bugatti


This is how you can get a free Bugatti, with LIDAR Technology 🤯Follow @Car Wars

i just need to park over here oh my god what’s up guys supercar bloody here with me all new shiron pure sport actually i don’t have one i have two and i’ve been driving this baby today my drive today which is insane so come check it out so do you see here actually the whole team is here because they’re like waiting you get to drive a chair on oh can we come i was like yeah okay come on over it looks really fast 2.3 seconds seconds i just turned kiwi there for a moment 2.3 seconds zero to 100. okay that’s pretty good what do you reckon i think it’s sweet do you think i could drive it no definitely not why didn’t why not no we’re playing the team there’s a limit to team perks okay and one of those perks is not driving a new shiron i’m the search on the supercar brownie team we’re a fan right the surge all right listen listen to these guys seriously you’re not getting to drive i got something to tell you because i don’t need your stinky bugatti because i can make my own one what for free so all right show me this is only possible because we’re living right in the future this is 2020. yeah this is the edge of technology look look i’ll i’ll bring you i’ll warp you inside of the whole technological system all right ready all right and now all i got to say is by the time that you get home in your bugatti yeah mine will be there waiting all right how to get a free bugatti let’s see i just need to pop right over here oh my god what you just destroyed my bugatti oh my god he just destroyed it oh my god guys are you guys okay what happened to this bugatti i know she destroyed my she destroyed my bugatti what are you talking about everything is destroyed oh my god ow you got look come here how are we gonna fix this what do you mean what do you mean what do i mean how are we gonna fix this look at all the damage there’s my free bugatti are you as confused as i am i’m looking at a road i’m looking at a road there is no car here nobody what are you talking about exactly you’re focusing way too much on what you’re seeing you’re trying to see it to believe it but what you got to do is you have to believe it to see it okay all right ready i’m gonna take you into this little digital world oh my god that’s crazy look what you did to my car though look at the the ranch it’s room wow this like it looks like it’s been through a fire or something yeah check this out come here come here look at the interior oh my god this is crazy i had my doubts soji look at that interior i mean my my steering wheel is completely missing [Laughter] my roof is gone you shattered the frame of it i’m sorry i didn’t mean to drive into your bugatti where are my gas pedals look at this okay so i had my doubts but yeah you’ve actually created a free bugatti it’s a free bulgaria what do you think this is where my w16 engine was oh it’s been busted until you destroyed it i’m so sorry i didn’t realize you had a bugatti sitting here this is all possible thanks to lidar technology basically i just bounced off some waves yeah to get the 3d model of it i could create it here create it in my apartment in the bathroom in the bathtub no not again massive thank you to bugatti who actually brought the brand new bugatti chiron pure sport go check it out the link to that video is in the description below guys that’s it i hope you enjoyed the video thanks to sergey for discovering a lidar technology i hope you enjoyed that not yet hopefully the tank gets a lot better than that because that bugatti’s looking like the video subscribe to my channel and we’ll have more for you soon love ya you

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