How to get a job at Top Gear? says Richard Hammond

How to get a job at Top Gear? says Richard Hammond


Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has told how he managed to get into the show. His story he shared on the portal Drive Tribe, created in conjunction with the other two ex-legends show – Jeremy Clarkson and James may.

Hammond told what to listen for in the show, he has prepared a review of his service Renault Laguna. Video like the editors, and Hammond was invited to a meeting in the office, where he met his future co-host Clarkson, writer Richard porter and Executive producer Andy Wilmina.


As a final test Clarkson asked him to talk about the merits of Skoda Superb in real time – this part of the listening was given Hammond a hard time. According to him, he left the editor in a depressed state, because I thought that I could not the best way. However, after a few months he was contacted and said that he got the job. Not believing his ears, Hammond burst into tears and celebrated a joyous occasion with a bottle of champagne.

Clarkson later told him that prompted the editors to the decision – it was an old Porsche 911 SC 1982 issue, where Hammond came to the audition, and his witty jokes.

Hammond became the leading Top Gear in 2002 and has worked on the show for 13 years. In 2016, three former leading created a new show – The Grand Tour.

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