How to increase the “nostrils” on old BMWs?

How to increase the “nostrils” on old BMWs?


The most noticeable feature of the new BMW styling – a giant radiator grille-caused a lot of questions from fans of the Bavarian brand and classic design. Despite this, the Romanian Studio KITT Tuning decided that it is worth “trying on” the controversial style on the BMW of the previous generation.

Craftsmen from Romania have created a replacement plastic bumper for the BMW 3 and 4 series of the F30 generation, which makes the cars look like new versions. So far, tuners have shown only one copy, made in the image and likeness of the front of the new M4 with huge” nostrils ” of the radiator grille.

However, the Romanians could not exactly repeat the new “four”: the optics, which in the new generation changed the shape to a less complex one, as well as a different hood, prevented them. In addition, tuners did not guess with the thickness of the bar located in the middle of the grid.

In their Instagram account, the masters of KITT Tuning noted that the new product will soon be available for sale, and everyone can “refresh” their old BMW with a new grille and bumper. Probably, Romanians expect an influx of customers, but so far the most popular comment under the post is the question “Why?”.


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