How to lose $8000 in just 11 minutes?

How to lose $8000 in just 11 minutes?


A 23-year-old resident of the Australian city of Sindey decided to drive around the city at night in his Subaru BRZ. He could not have imagined that in just 11 minutes of driving he would be able to collect fines for 10,252 Australian dollars (approximately $ 7,740 at the current exchange rate). Now the man faces up to nine months in prison and the confiscation of the vehicle.

The night streets of Sydney and the sporty Subaru BRZ – this is how a resident of Australia imagined an ideal evening. However, as soon as the man entered the track, a police helicopter hovered over his sports car, which monitored the speed of the car with a thermal imaging camera. Realizing that the driver exceeded the permissible speed limit, the police passed the information about the intruder to the ground patrol.

Traffic police almost immediately stopped Subaru, the officers checked the driver’s documents and then released him without charge. However, later, after examining the recordings from the thermal imager and other security cameras, the police found out that the man exceeded the speed at least five times by 20 kilometers per hour, and the largest excess was almost 50 kilometers per hour.

For systematic speeding, the police charged the driver with dangerous driving. Under Australian law, this violation could face nine months’ imprisonment, as well as a year’s disqualification and vehicle confiscation.

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