How to make a Ford Maverick better than from the factory?

How to make a Ford Maverick better than from the factory?


The Ford Maverick proved to be a resounding success for the company, thanks in part to its $19,995 starting price. However, for that figure, Ford had to skimp on some features, including a digital instrument cluster on base models. Fortunately, there is a solution.

A Ford Maverick owner and user on the Maverick Truck Club forum recently decided he needed something a little fancier than an entry-level model cluster. So he ordered an all-digital panel designed for the 2020 Ford Escape, and amazingly, the display turned on and worked as it should, almost.

There are a few minor issues. For example, the fuel gauge shows a maximum of half a tank. One forum member says this is because the Escape uses two fuel gauges, while the Maverick only has one. This means that it can only display half of the tank, even if the tank is full. The display also shows a number of fault codes. This is due to the richer equipment of Escape.

Replacing sensors will not be the only task a Maverick owner will have to complete. Ultimately, he wants to make it better equipped than the Lariat variant and has already begun installing a pair of paddle shifters. Tyvemattis even created a Facebook group for Maverick owners looking to upgrade their machines.

Demand for the Ford Maverick has been so strong that it has already reached production capacity for the 2022 model, prompting Ford to stop accepting new orders on January 27th. Orders will only resume later this year when the 2023 model arrives.

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