How to reduce road deaths? The response of us experts

How to reduce road deaths? The response of us experts


Experts say that advanced safety systems in modern cars could significantly reduce deaths on the roads, so they should be mandatory.

In 2019 on U.S. roads killed 38 800 people due to road accidents. A new study edition of the Consumer Reports claims that the Americans invented how to reduce road deaths by half by the forced introduction of all the new cars are modern security system through legislation. “Instead of having to provide security for all, car manufacturers impose on consumers the burden of study and pay for the vital functions of the car,” says William Wallace, the Manager for safety in Consumer Reports.


According to the newspaper, every year can save about 11 800 lives, if automatic emergency braking warning system of exit lane, and warning of blind spots would be standard on all new cars. In addition, you can save from 3700 to 7400 if all new cars will be standard equipped with technology to prevent drunk driving and promising technology for communication between cars will help to save at least 1,300 lives.

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