Auto Citizen SMART is a new product of the ARX insurance company, which allows you to receive a guaranteed 10% discount when concluding a contract today, with the possibility of increasing the discount up to 25% for the next year.

In order to take advantage of the SMART MOT, you need to download the Smart Drive mobile application. The application will record the main driving indicators: speed, maneuvers, acceleration, braking and phone use while driving. Points are awarded for each trip. Based on the points and mileage earned, a discount is awarded when the contract is renewed.

The better the driving skills, the higher the discount. In addition, the Smart Drive application can be downloaded just like that, without buying a policy, to test your driving skills.

How is the additional discount calculated?

Discount is provided if:

  • The driver will receive at least 60 points and cover more than 300 km (according to the Smart Drive mobile application) within 60 days from the date of purchase of the Car Citizen.
  • The car and the person for whom the previous insurance contract was drawn up does not change.
  • The contract can be extended for the next year within 15 days after the end of the previous one

In addition to the standard coverage of compulsory car insurance, Auto Citizen SMART provides an option with CASCO – “Direct Protection”, which will allow you to receive compensation for your own car within 130,000 UAH.

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