How to save up to 40% when extending the CTP?

How to save up to 40% when extending the CTP?


In Ukraine it is not customary to think about insurance. Many motorists buy insurance for birds, not much zamorachivayas over the process design and the choice of insurance company. Buying the hull, usually associated with buying a car on credit, where the product also become mandatory.

On the one hand, such behavior is natural for insurance in Ukraine are historically the trust has not developed. On the other hand, the insurance policy is the key to financial cushion in case of unexpected situation such as an accident.

How to find a middle ground without spending time communicating with your insurance agent, be sure that your policy is exactly what you need for you? How to find out that buying a policy at the best price with no hidden charges and overpayments?

These problems are resolved by online insurance and financial marketplace. How it works let us consider the experience of buying insurance policy from the leader of online insurance service format TOP 5 ways to save money on insurance:

1. The first and most obvious is to buy a policy online

E-policy by default, 10% cheaper and is enshrined in law. So the state encourages insurance companies to switch to electronic contract. So now in the offices of insurance companies, banks, insurance agents are likely to “prescribe” e-Polis, which simply print it out to justify my job.

2. Compare offers from different insurance companies

Do not overpay for unnecessary options and deductibles. Choosing a policy online on the marketplace, you get the same experience as when choosing a new smartphone in the online store. Sorted offer by price, number of options, the size of the franchise, get proposals from several insurance companies and without the Intrusive opinions of the agent choose the most suitable option. Here follows mission and helps consumers to save on the Internet provide the maximum number of bids from all insurance companies of Ukraine. For example, the price of insurance policy in Kiev for cars up to 1.6 starts from 950 UAH and can be up to 4 000 UAH for the policy with expanded coverage and no deductible.

3. Buy a policy in advance if you got a promotion or promo code

Sometimes insurance companies are on cutting prices to increase sales in a certain period. Buying a policy online, you are guaranteed to receive the best and current offer from the insurance company. Also as the Internet store interested in promoting products of insurance companies to which regularly conducts joint marketing promotions with bonuses and discounts. The main task of the marketplace, unlike an insurance agent, do not earn on a single client, and create a stream of customers for insurance companies. Probably you met sales of popular brands in the online stores. Mechanics insurance remains unchanged.

4. Pay your credit card on trusted sites

Buying insurance policy on the Internet, choose only trusted sites that give the opportunity to securely pay with your credit card insurance no additional fees for transferring money or cashing in. In fact, insurance payments credit card equates to purchasing goods on the Internet, so you don’t pay a fee for the use of loan funds and the acquiring (receiving payment).

5. Use the code from InfoCar

Buying a policy online you save because the cost of insurance is not included, the cost of maintaining offices and commissions to the agent. With these two rudiments can say goodbye forever. And everyone who has read to the end, InfoCar has organized additional 10% discount on any insurance policy at the for the promotional code INFOCAR2020. Enter the promo code at the last stage of design before paying, and the price of insurance will decrease by 10%.

We wish all a safe ride to insurance only remembered when renewing for next year 🙂

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