How to sell a rented BMW X3 to a Toyota dealer and at the same time earn?

How to sell a rented BMW X3 to a Toyota dealer and at the same time earn?


BMW has banned the sale of a leased X3 crossover to a Toyota dealer. The owner of the car sued the Bavarian company.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to CarScoops.

A California man is suing BMW and BMW Financial Services, alleging that their ban on the sale of a 2019 BMW X3 SUV he rented to a Toyota dealership resulted in financial losses.

Allen Ozeran’s lawsuit alleges that a Toyota dealership in Culver City, California agreed to purchase an X3 crossover from him shortly before the end of the lease.

The residual value of the leasing of the Bavarian SUV at that time was 27,078 dollars, despite the fact that the market value of the car reached 40 thousand. As a result, Ozeran agreed a contract with the Culver City Toyota dealership to sell the BMW X3 for $31,000.

However, BMW Financial Services blocked the deal by sending Ozeran a letter informing him that he had only two options: buy the car back or take it to a BMW dealership.

In response, Allen Ozeran sued BMW in federal court seeking class action status on behalf of anyone whose BMW lease ended after October 1, 2021. The lawsuit accuses BMW of lost financial profits, interference with contractual relationships and violation of the California Unfair Competition Act.

The lawsuit also alleges that BMW’s claim that only a lessee or a BMW dealership can take ownership of a vehicle is in fact misinterpreting the lease and US law.

An interesting question arises: why would a Toyota dealership need a used BMW crossover? The shortage of new cars has already reached such proportions that you have to trade in old cars of competitors?

Recall that despite the fact that sales of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan grew by 40 percent in 2021, the Stuttgart-based brand lost market leadership to its Bavarian rival BMW.

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