How to spec a GMA T.50: is this the world’s most expensive car configurator?

How to spec a GMA T.50: is this the world’s most expensive car configurator?


Only 100 very wealthy people will ever have the chance to spec a brand-new Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 V12 hypercar. Each and every chassis is now sold. But today, Gordon’s invited to be the 101st to enjoy the T50 speccing treatment, with a guiding hand from the company founder and car designer himself. Plus, stay tuned for guest appearances from GMA development driver and IndyCar legend Dario Franchitti, and shrieking T50 prototype XP5 itself… Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

welcome back to a day in the life of a gordon murray t50 customer in part one we had the complete factory tour and saw some of the gorgeous parts and pieces of this spiritual successor to the mclaren f1 now it’s time to have a go on the world’s best car configurator while gordon himself is watching on so this is our customer experience center where we do their speccing this is zachary uh leading you through the spec okay so you’re the you’re the taste police yeah for the purposes of this yeah control and george is our wizard who drives the machine george good to meet you good luck driving what i imagine is a very detailed configurator this yeah this is real uh state-of-the-art stuff it’s uh i i’m amazed actually what it can do in in sort of real time okay so shall we take a seat i’ll see i’ve got is this a brochure in front of it that’s an inspiration book isn’t it yes so so we’ve curated these examples inspiration steps to get people given the taste for what they can actually get and then come here and then the world’s their oyster really so it’s a starting point so this is my menu yes and then within this okay we’ve got lots and lots of colors choices and then it’s your intention that people look at these and then they pick one of these or this is merely the starting point for them to start individualizing their car really the starting point it’s as we said it gets them into what we’re thinking what’s gordon’s ethos is with the car with with 250 and it gets some ideas running the juice is going some people come they know exactly what they want they go straight to it some don’t so we’re here to help them and guide them through it all and just sort of influence in a way how we like to present the work yeah and gord mentioned earlier although we’ve got a selection of colors laid out here there’s something like six thousand combinations of color that could potentially be possible and that’s before you mix something that’s actually bespoke yeah we’d like to try and um sort of help and give them a tailored one for each individual one to be different and that’s where you know georgia and unreal engine we can we can do that live if somebody does so starting point we want to make the orange a little bit redder a little bit yellow we can do that live and work with them and then find that exactly and i want or every well the whole team wants every one of the hundred cars to be different so somebody if you picked tartan red today and nobody else has got it you would have tart and red the next person that picked heart and red we’d mix it slightly differently just so each car is different so everything is bespoke now i thought i’d look at a blue first of all can we maybe see yeah yeah yeah why not yeah we can have a little look because the styling model we’ve got downstairs with the simple sort of silver gray paintwork an orange seat inside that’s a very tasteful combination but yeah let’s see if we can do something a little bit yeah yeah out there for top gear problem is with this is that i’ve lost the dark areas of the car which are the carbon yeah with a darker color i can’t quite see that so now i’m immediately thinking it’s not going to be blue well you could go for a lighter blue that’s why we’ve got shades so it’s quite a lighter sort maybe sort of like a c brim we could go to you could change we’ve named do you see you’ve got a lighter color there so it starts bringing out this softer shade you could go for then a darker interior or how do you want to go but there was another there was a sort of burnt orange red in here i saw as well i was liking the look of can we maybe take a look at yeah and maybe a little bit darker even that says too much mclaren to me yeah so we can i don’t want anyone mistaking my three million pound murray from mclaren so i’d like something a little bit but i don’t want so red it’s a ferrari can we do that george can we have a sort of that’s looking pretty good what about can we do things with wheel color yeah we sure can so at the moment we’ve got we’ve got three color options on the wheel at night we’ve got this is the launch we call it this mid-grey so it’s what you see down on the launch car it’s more of a graphite color we also have a silver so a lot lighter which then starts making it jump out or we’ve got a black it’s a lot darker but i don’t know where you stand on black wheels gordon you know funnily enough generally speaking i don’t like them but i have to admit we’ve had some color schemes picked where the black wheels really work yeah well i didn’t think they would actually we can do a bespoke color for the wheels as well can we do a gold can we maybe look at that the thing is the gold that might want to be with a blue paint work but yeah but we can always so yeah start looking immensely already yeah so yeah and that’s the sort of gold we can do on the on the wheel and then i’m imagining that within that we can then have a color for our brake calipers as well but i’m worried about this then being too many colors at once our options are with the brake cabs we’ve got obviously here we picture silver we’ve then also got black so then it hides it there’s too many colors it’s one way it makes the wheel pop a bit more yeah so the different options we do have a yellow and a red caliper which oh yeah maybe a bit too much for that can we take the wheels back to silver please george i’ve gone off the gold immediately and gordon does this car have what i would understand as an options list so normally a supercar if you’re playing nothing normally a car maker would charge you extra for a yellow brake cover yeah we like to be on every level we like to be different from every other oem in particular supercar manufacturers so um everything comes with the car including things like the luggage which again has you know the chassis number on it the luggage the two-stage battery charger comes with the car things like car covers a complete tool chest with every spanner you need on the car a garage tool chest comes with a car and any paint you pick unless it’s something rarely that you know it takes for weeks to paint any interior and any paint scheme is all included in the price and and things like you’ve just chosen like different wheel colors and caliper colors and all that sort of stuff it’s all everything’s included so you pay your 2.36 million before tax isn’t it and then there’s no mucking about with the options list no we just we just don’t really want to do that these um the areas that are dark on this car i know these are the carbon right back in that you can have this painted can’t you we either look at the gloss or a satin finish on on the carpet i mean you could paint it but then you would lose the design of the car if you painted all the carbon colors body color yeah for example yeah but we do offer it in different tents i think yeah different tint levels different gloss and satin i mean we’ve the the standard car comes as satin in all the i say all the areas except where the carbon is touching the glass house so it makes it feels more cohesive canopy area through there but as gordon said we do options so this is saturn and if we flip to the gloss some people have a true preference that they prefer gloss on all their carbon we’ve done it as satin in that area just because we felt it it works really well with the technical areas in the back of the car having a more satin finish for the satin so i’ll stick with my satin please on that i notice while we can see the top of the car as well this car’s got the glass panels on the top of the roof i know you can optionally have those as yeah with that once again that’s a no-cost option so the standard cars got a carbon roof and they weigh 2.2 kilos a side more than the carbon so that’s why they’re an option but it’s once again it’s a low cost option it does make the cabin feel a lot lighter and area doesn’t it yes yeah so if it was yours would you like would you say i would have the fork i would actually sacrifice four killers i think on a thousand kilo car even though it’s in the worst possible place the center of gravity well it’s this thing has got the most ridiculously low center of gravity i mean it’s just the engine and transmission are not just light but they’re very very low in the car so yeah okay we’ll stick with the glass roof there then in your expert opinion zachary is there anything else i should be looking at the front bumper yeah i mean so for example on an option so as we pointed out with the we have carbon with standard we have it through there so it makes it feel like it’s lightweight you have all this technical underlay underneath but then what we also do have an option of doing that as color body color looks more like an f1 i just think it looks more like a cloud f1 now yeah so i might have to change my minds later but for now can we leave that as body color i like the slight mclaren f1 yeah nod it’s good fun right can we dive inside oh we’ve got a few more options a few little options up with badges and everything that we can do so if we jump to the rear george so we have um the t50 badge at the rear which as standard comes in an orange enamel or we can make it more silver mechanical if the orange doesn’t work with somebody’s exterior color yeah that’s one set i think or it could change the paintwork you see we go around in circles forever this is the problem let me show you a few other options that can tie it all into place i think in the rear so what we’ve also got on the back of the car is we’ve got another sort of option badge we have on here which called the fan car badge which is the script that we’ve used on t50s again some people really want to go for it yeah i like that and then something but no i like the non-descriptors having a subtle 250 there that comes in standards as a natural aluminium again we can we can paint and work with that so that’s another option some people don’t want to tie it together or like the asymmetry that we have a color on that and maybe keep that as a silver because when you look through the back here you’re going to see all the technical engine bay area we can get all the anodized metals we’ve got in there so if we flick to the rear high george we’ve also got on the air box we have this made of carbon but we also have for example some samples here of the gma logo that we have again painted in there to give that extra little bit of technical something sort of to tie it through so you could you know people like to make it all work i know we come to the interior we’ve got a little silver accent so it’s this central theme right certainly like all those logos to match please yeah so whatever color it is it’s got to be the same the fourth fourth and final option in this rear is the rear spring which is on show obviously when you lift it up as you can see here now again standard we have that as our heritage orange color but to make it we have one other option of like a graphite grate so that it’s more complementary if there’s a color that orange doesn’t quite work with do we now uh move inside yeah okay we can jump onto the interior now have a look at that now i really liked the idea of the color contrast seat now remember the f1 that used to own gordon was a completely dark interior but just had a flash of red in the driver’s seat and on the steering wheel yeah i always thought that was a really nice effect so i’d like if we could do something similar to that we’re going to keep it dark but really yeah do you think loud with the driver’s seat yeah picture here in leather you can have a full alcantara seat as well and mix and mix the materials around so some people prefer it for extra grip or some people prefer it for the durability maybe on leather yeah but color wise we’ve got pictured here um a sort of light cream color that works really well with the orange because it it’s it’s complementary but um you know depends if you really want to go for an orange see if that’s the color i’m thinking orange yeah we can have a look at that so we could go with say that the launch car orange to work with that so we can tie that in there we can also with the steering wheel if you like the gordon art sort of slight nod we can do is we can put it on the grip area through there to start tying it in obviously as you can see with the embroidery that we have with our driver line running through it’s in in orange as well now whilst i talk about the embroidery we have sort of three options with that on the show car we had a solid line so we just sort of pulled out some samples of embroidery so for lightweight we’ve gone for an embroidery rather than putting another material on top of another one which is very much not in gordon’s ether so all we have then this lozenge feel where it’s more lightweight it ties into we’ve spoken about it but the sort of detailing that we’ve got up on all the switch gear so it’s linking it all through so it’s there but it’s more visually lightweight it’s very much something that we adhere to we then do also have a third option which is if anybody has um can make a bespoke pattern basically we give them the rules of sticking id to this 20-mil stripe running through but if they want to change them you can have your own really or some people want family crests a logo or like a child’s design that they use some people like it so it’s just the personalization side of it we can work we could have a repeat of top gear all the way up you have a branded car right it’s gonna go ever yeah we can look at sites so we can easily flick it through something ever so slightly begatty about having a line going through the middle of the car yeah i’m going to keep it i’m going to keep it i’m still not sure about my steering wheel but yeah okay stick you want to keep it i’ll keep it black i think i’m gonna go back to black yeah there’s amy that’s one step you can do orange stitching on that which yeah just suddenly it brings it out i think that is the way forward yeah so is that satellite and tying and it’s the same with you’ve got a little bit of orange in the hmi there touching on that i mean all the driver controls are very monochromatic but we took inspiration from analog cameras like leica cameras where they’ve got this positive feel these lovely metal cold to touch feelings you know just it’s it’s more like an aircraft um sort of instrument pack rather than a motor car really i’m sure there’s loads more i mean i can see in here there’s a sort of chocolate and cream interior which is quite good fun i’m sure you could have fun with it all day but there’s something about having the dark interior with the the driver’s seat is that working as well yeah yeah we also have the little accents on the glove boxes which you can have in your central seat color which is what we’ve done on the show car yep or you can knock those back they pick up the central the seat and they show you where all the glove boxes are you know there’s four big glove boxes on the car yeah it’s the problem of looking through here i was happy with that now i’m not sure that my seat goes with my paintwork do you offer can you lean in and offer some expert advice if a customer’s really struggling if they’re caught between two specs they can’t decide yeah yeah three or four specs this is just the first session so we give them in about 10 days after the spec session they get everything electronically so they can check it out with their family and their friends at home and think about it and then when they hone it down to one theme they get a lovely little box with a painted out sample sample of the leather in the alcantara i mean i’ll just flipped to the back here and i’ve found these daytona blue with yellow i’m completely taken with this now just like that that’s what we do so we saved the first one for you and then you can start again i’m already preferring this i think it’s the shade that’s why when you’re trying to at least in the past few minutes well that’s all part of it that’s all it’s all part of the fun what we’re trying to do to get people to buy into it and try things you know as you said we took a while to curate the launch car we’ve truly gone through this loop so we know it but it’s for people to buy into that and see it so that i immediately prefer so whoever set up this has got better taste than i have by far come on when you own the f1 your own next p3 that was the test car that was then road registered did you get did you choose the silver and the red did you choose that spec of code i chose all the specs for the xb cars in the first place oh so they were all yours in a way so are you getting to spec one of these will you own a t-50 uh yeah i’ll get suspect one yeah yeah and will that be one of the customer run or will it be one of the xp cars that’s there no anybody associated with the company has been forbidden to take one of the hundred cars because we didn’t want to we didn’t want to rob rob any of the uh ld perspective owners so one of the test cars will eventually one day be yours i hope so yeah and have you are you up here late at night after work going through the options and no keeping a very very clear mind but of course everybody else doing this process is helping enormously i mean whoever sets up this book has just saved me from huge amount of embarrassment well i think it’s orange with orange i think this is the choice yeah is there anything else i’m missing or any other details that people particularly like pin stripes or or yeah we’ve had we’ve had people we’ve had people uh we we can do anything basically so bespoke yeah the car itself speaks for it we don’t necessarily have to go over the top with any like little trinkets here and there and that the car itself speaks so we usually just reiterate that you know keep it clean pure and elegant and majority of doing that so not so many are going to town on putting extra bits on it here and there i’ll tell you what george we can put some silver wheels on this i think i’m ready to sign on the dotted line actually there we are gordon should we step into your office and talk numbers i think if we do a 400 year repayment scheme i think i’m ready to uh take delivery next year thank you very much once you’re quite quite sure you’ve chosen the correct color combination and made your t50 look just perfect the day isn’t over there’s still the important task of making sure the customer actually fits in the driver’s seat and for this we find ourselves in the official seating book so yeah gordon can you talk me around i’m going to get comfortable in here please yeah so this is a pretty unique experience we offer and and the reason is the whole car is about driving perfection obviously so getting the controls set up for the driver is absolutely important the ergonomics basically is so important we don’t offer a manual adjust or an electric adjust to the column because that weighs too much so we actually build the car we’ll get you absolutely comfortable then the car will be built to that spec the same goes for the pedals there’s four discrete positions and we’ll get you absolutely right to that and then that’s how the car gets built after that of course the seat still adjusts backwards and forwards if somebody else wants to jump in the car so um and speaking of the seat this actually feels very comfortable for me now it’s been it’s been a lot of development to get it like that yeah yeah you’re saying that you can have different cushions when we’ve got you um ergonomically set up we’ll then go to the seat and make sure you’re absolutely comfortable and we can build a set of seat phones particularly for you perfect so can i move this seat forward in here yeah so how would how we started the first question we asked is anybody else likely to drive the car absolutely not no one’s getting anywhere if you move the seat to a position forget the steering wheel and the pedals to where you’re comfortable with the gear lever so it feels right the gear lever yeah that feels about spot on about where you are okay the next thing is the wheel i’ll actually i’ll talk it through but i’ll let zach do that you need to bring it forward to pull that one out and then the whole thing we’ve got a series of four positions sorry pull that out and then pull it towards you yeah that’s one position out okay you need it more we can slowly do it i’d like a little bit closer if i can please that’s maybe one more closer you’ve got one more yeah i like the wheel quite up that feels good yeah yeah and then and then up and down so you need to see over there if you need to suit the road of course but you also need to read around 12 000 red so is that in the highest position so we can go down two positions from there or we can even do a half a hole if you if you want fine tuning yeah one position from there so then support the wheel yeah i’ve got that are you says there we go that’s about where i’d have it we just need to find the de ton doing it ah see now i’ve gone too far so that’s probably i think that was one down let’s just try it so once you’re probably about there that’s half a hole that’s perfect okay that’s half a hole that’s not a problem because we’ll build a bracket particularly for you so that would be just mine yep typical um being difficult for now but um the next thing is the pedals at the moment the pedals are the furthest away from you and the clutch stroke is is spot on or in fact all the pedal strokes away so if you can just stroke the clutch you know your legs getting a bit too straight there do you want to try them once one step before yeah i think one just lift your feet because the floor moves like that yeah that’s better good extension on the clutch there spot on actually i think i’ve settled into this pretty and then the last thing we can do for you on the ergonomics the basic ergonomics is the clutch footrest at the moment it’s one away from the pedal but it can come one towards you if you prefer that you want to try that actually yeah you’re right that is better yeah yeah i think it’s easier to get onto the pedal yeah okay so now that’s all locked in i’m looking forward to taking delivery in a few months um just hopefully i won’t wake up before then and realize this has all been a quite wonderful dream right now the t50 isn’t quite finished enough for us to actually have a go but there is luckily one person who knows exactly what this 12 000 rpm three seater is like to drive some of the great things about coming down to gordon murray automotive is you get to hang out not just with gordon but you come down into the garage and there’s a three-time indy 500 winner just waiting to tell you all about the car so dario frank kitty thanks very much for joining us you’re an incredibly lucky man because you’ve been driving some of the xp prototypes of the t50 so tell us what that’s been like it’s been amazing i mean from the very first day it’s been amazing the first sort of couple of runs in it were very controlled and this rev limit and do this and do that very early day stuff um and even the restraint you have to be very restrained at that point and there was um one of the test drivers sitting with me all the times one of the development guys on the other side sort of being the police fund police very quickly after that i drove george the ultimate mule this is the car that’s a horrible mule to look at but inside it has the cosworth engine it’s got the cosmos engine the extract gearbox it’s the full thing it’s got the intake it made everything and i drove that at millbrook that was the first thing i took up to the rev limiter 12 100 and that was that was pretty special it was a case of okay do do more sort of basic and i’m not driving the car day to day the development team are doing that every day and i’ll jump in it occasionally and sort of maybe give some direction or say yes that’s better than it was before but it all led up to goodwood and yes goodwood was members meeting wasn’t it it was a little bit drizzly there’s a huge audience not just there at the site but watching online and you’re handed the keys to what one of the one of the prototypes and asked to go and demonstrate it for the crowd yeah so we went to millbrook a couple days before just to make sure everything was good we still simulated some laps of um of goodwood and i was like yeah everyone’s good feels good the car feels good right took it to goodwood and of course it rains and at this point you know the the abs wasn’t connected up the traction control gordon told me the fan wasn’t even working so he didn’t even have any downfalls oh no no the fan wasn’t but that naturally it was like his dream car in a way because it had no driver assistance whatsoever it was a it was the purest c50 it could ever be it was absolutely pure a bit lethal well no actually it was good was it it was it was friendly when it spun the tires up in fifth gear it did so in a very controlled manner oh of course yeah what a friendly thing for a car to do so yeah it was a bit of a bit of pressure and you would damp a lot of customers there for t-50 and gordon’s there and he’s you know you want to impress the boss and he’s got he’s put a lot into this and it was his first time to show up publicly and they wanted to hear it at full noise so i got it up to you know it did bit by bit increased revs every lap that’s a fantastic footage of you you’re starting off and you’re going around and the revs are building and then it’s almost like the third or fourth flap you’re checking your temperatures everything’s okay there’s no warnings going off and you send it down the pit straight and even for a steely eyed racing driver there’s no hiding the grin is there you cannot help i mean but be just in love with this thing and i’m a i’m a serial super car owner i’m a massive car freak um and you know i’m 48 years old i’ve driven a lot of cars this thing puts a smile on my face every time i get in it but that first time at 12 000 past the pits when it spun the tires up just before i shifted and i think it was fourth to fifth gear it doesn’t get any better than that and that was that was a pretty intense experience just just making sure i made no mistakes yeah i mean such an evocative circuit you’ve got war planes overhead you’ve got all these incredible cars but then i just think the noise of this that day anyone who wasn’t really aware of what the t50 was up until now i didn’t really understand where it stands in the kind of super hyper car market now knows oh this is the one that sounds like formula one cars should sound yeah there’s a lot of you’ve had the front row seat for that yeah absolutely and it sounds better inside because where the the induction inlet is it’s all been the carbon fiber’s been made a certain way to sort of enhance the induction noise so it’s actually more in the car so it’s the best seat in the house the driver’s seat it’s the best seat so as a serial self-confessed supercar nut supercar owner have you been upstairs have you sat in the hot seat and configured your potential i brought my wife here ah yeah she controlling the uh the taste police no just them we were sort of sick when they first set up upstairs and and the whole experience is damn this is right we want you to be the guinea pig bring ellie down bring the guinea pig let’s go so ellie and i came down for the day um we opened a nice bottle of red wine and um we all sat up there gordon sort of helped guide and and i chose two or three specs and um watching you do it i’m now thinking to myself oh i might change that i might change that and it’s just as you you’ve realized now it’s the infinite possibilities so i know you wanted to talk more about the very high detailed work you’ve been doing on setting this thing up so you know making it fun for drivers know what they’re doing but also not scary people who don’t so how have you been setting it up like right at the moment we’re still in the early stages so you know for instance at goodwood i get in the thing i’m like okay what i’ve driven it at millbrook i’ve driven on the ball i’ve driven it on the hill route that you know so well um but out the back of goodwood on those fast sweeps what’s it going to be like straight away nice nice weight in the controls good balance in the car nice amount of roll all those sort of things yeah is experienced dominated by the the the engine yeah it’s a big part of the experience but for everybody else everybody was talking about the noise of the car you know you know we’ve talked all the noise when it went past the pits everything at twelve thousand but the spectacular yeah the chassis is and is as good as the car as the engine that’s the important thing that’s a big claim but it has to all be it has to come together there can’t be a weak spot to it so the gearbox is going to be perfect in it i was going to ask about the shift because if you’re going to have the world’s only pretty much only manual supercar now that shift has got to be the most perfect crisp intuitive shift action does it doesn’t feel that good yeah it’s getting there we’re are we perfect yet no but we’re definitely getting there and gordon’s got such a clear view of what he wants with it luckily for me i’m kind of in tune with what he wants and because it’s his car it’s his vision um and there’s a lot of people in the team are working hard to make it all all happen but right now we’re it’s early stage but we’re at that point we’re not reinventing the wheel anywhere it’s just sort of polishing the setup it’s just changing small things to to get the the way it handles better the way it shifts better all those things but there’s no one glaring thing what doesn’t do that well it does most things very very well i know gordon was keen that the car was set up the t50 this is without the traction control on without the esp on so you set the car up to be to handle fantastic anyway and then you put the safety systems on top rather than setting up so the safety systems are basically keeping it in trim all the time precisely and like we said at goodwood there was no safety systems at all in the car to me this car isn’t going to be the fastest thing around the circuit no that is this is t50s this to me this is the car for the scottish highlands this is the car when the the road is moving underneath you there’s lots of cambers there’s lots of there’s a big crown in the road there’s bumps and stuff and this absorbs everything the other day on the road for the first time i hit some serious potholes with it and it just absorbed them wow so tell us about you’ve been on the road in a t-50 that puts you in a very exclusive club right now just talk to us about what it’s like being in the middle i imagine the visibility i imagine the is it getting a lot of attention because it is relatively a subtle looking supercar yeah i think there’s a club of two right now shane one of the development engineers and myself i think we’re the only two to have driven on the on the street before gordon even before gordon gordon drove it first on the the circuit yeah at duns fold um but you know i was the first to drive on the road yeah which is quite nice and several things is small when was the last time you drove a car that you stayed on your own lane of the normal road and you could adjust your lane i mean it’s a caterham other than that most sports cars now you’re bang bang bang bang over the cat size precisely you’re either going to curb the left rear wheel you’re in the car size not in this you can adjust your line the low scuttle you can see where you’re going so well you know over the undulations you can really pick out your apex is very well um the lack of of weight that was one thing on mill broken all different places yeah the way it handles you feel the lack of weight but on the road you really feel it um yeah we’ve got a lot of attention so given you’ve been out on the road in it what sort of road do you choose when you are getting to go and do some development or do some filming in a t-50 where have you been well development i choose scotland some of those back roads that i i know when i love to drive on but right now with the filming uh is very secret um but secret location secret location that might actually be close to our new headquarters and window shim so that’s where we’ve been doing the filming oh that’s not too far from here i guess there you have it so if you are driving around south of london you hear a whaling coming up behind you um it’s probably dario doing some very important work so please do get out of his way okay as a little bonus xp5 has just got back from presumably a hard day testing so we might as well start it up oh yeah that’s good testing’s going well you totally got me on making me jump i can’t stand it

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