How to start a Ferrari race car – Risi Competizione

How to start a Ferrari race car – Risi Competizione


I’m visiting Ferrari of Houston, and their Risi Competizione Team.To sponsor the most accomplished private Ferrari Team in North America, the Risi Competizione race Team, check

it’s a good oh my god I am a pro after all what’s up guys at supercar blondie I’m in Houston Texas at Ferrari of Houston why because they have invited me to come down and start up the only Ferrari from North America to head to them on this year this is the home of receive competence this is actually the most accomplished private Ferrari racing team in North America so Ana you won’t believe this used to work in the Ferrari factory in Italy and you actually configure the cars the top 500 clients of Ferrari around the world and this car I knew you did right yes so those are the factory you are literally and the factory putting this car together if I’m sitting in this car now you could have got out colored carbon fiber you could have done a crocodile leather here if you wanted or or a snake or ostrich leather Department the only areas we are a bit restrictive about in the airbag area so we have to keep kind of standard in there but other than there than that you can just dream away discuss yeah as long as it’s tasteful right and Ferrario truth okay so if I came in here and I was like I want like bright purple velvet Ferrari would be like no be enough but they’d offer you something else instead okay all right thank you so much heroes all right cool let’s head in having me today wait you think soon so nice to meet you so can you just tell me a little bit about this story where did you guys meet typically in his office what year did this Houston a Ferrari I started it right around my to me that’s what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna go speak to your team and see actually what goes into making one of these cars what makes it so different from a car you know that anyone can just drive my street because I don’t think a lot of people have a Sarah nice details I mean you can see any of those otherwise I mean that mark will explain that yeah but if anyone there’s a wise kind of drift yeah that’s me all right you know we’ll go through 28 sets of tires the trade for ours and then we are also going to have a situation whereby the get changes come on it’s not 18,000 gear changes over 24 hours every year laughs yeah the gates reduce water and the lights and the Caza the in across race these other bikes prototypes using their lights on the front mr. looking out for the yellow light okay perfect well thank you so much for talking know it’s once a night purchase thank you absolute pleasure to make sure you welcome to Houston I told you to find the car going to limo there it is this is the only Ferrari in North America actually going to be driving at the mall hey it’s missing a marriage I know we’re getting ready to send it to LeMond yeah so it’s really good in the airplane the mirrors are too white right okay so you’ve got to kind of detach that yes and the wing is there anything that we yeah we need something a little bit easier yeah I didn’t know that’s what he did no tools needed a reason tonight is for a safety for the next step the safety crews can remove the doors to make it easy I had no idea what we just come off like yeah that’s people all right so he can just remove as much as possible because I’ve got a dress on and this is gonna get a little awkward oh okay is it comfortably this is really cool I mean it’s quite low it’s quite a deep bucket yeah the seat doesn’t move at all ooh no no because they for safety reasons the sliding mechanism to remove a couple years ago two big accidents in Cedarburg come this so now it’s completely fake you guys might remember the laferrari that I was driving a couple weeks ago it’s the same kind of mechanism here where the pedals they come towards you instead of the chair coming towards the pedals so you just pull this lever here and you’ve got the pedals and also the steering column in exactly the same as their very car so put the steering wheel on yeah these race cars they actually come out as a standard production street car and then they get modified into nice car how does that work the the shell will be produced on the same line as the rate as the road car yeah but gets removed very early on production right and then the car I think it’s time to race car so what is it actually that we have the same at the street car it isn’t just this very menu part just this appeal Road car yes they add the roll cage to keep the steering rack Colin we’ve got the wheel here but we’ve got so many different switches here so which one can I judge you’re gonna hit the master the big red white one usually the big red one is like don’t touch it in this case is good it’s good on you turn that on alright alternate yeah she should come to life and the noise is the disappered of the air compressor which is forgive this is what the driver sees as he’s driving unfortunately God doesn’t translate to to English is that your Italian boy you can turn the cockpit lights on this illuminate slap lights we have a UV light at the top which makes thought of white stickers on the inside the cockpit boy – right ok yeah so you can more clearly see what’s on the steering wheel here a green one in the sense that one will override all the safeties in the gear box so you can up shift down shifts without using the safeties so basically you could actually go six five four three two one reverse and destroy everything but the reason for that is if you’re having a problem with the shift flip override it yep so this is what’s it pinpointing here what’s it picking up this is actually because we’re not moving its sees the an item behind the vehicle is stable with the word speeds it gives you a yellow if we were pulling away it turned green if you were gaining a go red okay the best place is used as if it’s wet I can’t see anything behind you but it will actually show you with little icons there’s vehicles yep coming back all right okay cool so I mean you could have what several icons yeah yeah you could have you know and it will show you if they’re gonna overtake you on left on the right with an arrow that’s really cool so this is the car that we’re actually gonna be able to start up this car raced at Daytona yeah okay so this is um these are the few switches that I’m allowed to press this is the master switch here so we’re just gonna sundown and then the ignition is here turn this on and then one more down and then this is the coolest feature yeah so you’ve got the flash button here you press this he flashes the car in front if you actually will want to pass a car in front of me you just kind of like them so that’s pretty cool all right are we gonna start her up now this is quite exciting what you need to press first is the pip button so that kind of activates all the buttons right that controls them on the wheel so if we just press pit the start button is actually going to work now when I press it okay head around the back and then you hear the turbo is winding down here like I’m license to drive no I’m sure thanks thing I think we should do is we’re getting you to change your will that’s awesome okay all right this is kind of like a bucket list check item change a wheel on a racecar let’s do it push it push it hard into the car my heart is racing I don’t know why yeah push your eyes and pull the trigger yeah push it on hold is it good yeah oh my god I am a pro after all nice work team you see these stands here hominy it’s built into the car just put give you a bit of a shock that is so cool so don’t be holding the start button at the same time and then off they go as soon as it’s dropped oh my god what a thrill so this is Tony everyone and Tony is the GM here at Ferrari of Houston it’s not only this car and this car that you have so it’s not actually we have two GTE cars and to teach gt3 cars yeah to go racing with right and we’re always looking for partners and people are Drive so who is that that drives these calls I mean this is you kind of get teams come to you and say can you take us driving you know we have we have gentleman drivers come to us with their teammates and they pay us to take the races right okay or we go racing ourselves and we look we’re always looking for sponsors and partners yeah like on this particular car we’d always be wanting to take Friday chasing off the door but he wants to put their name on the door well he’s a question for you what would it take to become a supercar blondie for a race like the 2002 Daytona with the probably Reverend Turner felt easy it’s a lot of money isn’t it to be able to keep these cars running and toys like you the total budget of the race team to run a full season and this one is that limo so what kind of price difference is that a budget to run the 24 hours old MA is roughly anywhere from it’s a lot of money isn’t it to be able to keep these cars running and to keep the total budget of the race team to run a full season would be you know what does this actually do for a sponsor I mean if we’re really speaking realistically realistically what you’re trying to do is by representing the brand and pulling all the brains together yeah you’re trying to put them at the same level issue and you’re trying to get people to follow them or buy their product right and so the constant imagery on TV and magazines and photos on social media you want to draw them to their website find out about them and try to monetize it for them so when you’re talking about a lot of people watching what are these kind of numbers like how many people are watching games right now for example needs and the mall is the biggest one in the world yeah it’s it’s probably the tens of me well ball is one of those iconic races in the world Daytona would be right after a long-term to sports car easy yeah and this is everything below for long and you guys are both we’re a bit yeah yeah sorry we’re pretty cool okay so when can when do I get my stickers printed well you get a printer will put them on so they’re reflective oh yeah so that we sue supercar blondie at night yes I love it oh my god I need to go for this that’s it guys thank you so so much for watching a big thanks to Ferrari of Houston for having me it has been so amazing seeing their race cars and now I get to drive this beautiful loose around today please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next seat you could be anywhere here in the States back into Y or somewhere else in the world thanks guys love you

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