How to tell the difference between Aston Martin Cars

How to tell the difference between Aston Martin Cars


I head out with Aston Martin to see their latest range. What really are the differences between these four latest models on the market…? The new Vantage, DB11 V8 and DB11 V12 and their top of the range DBS Superleggera.Follow me on:

what’s up guys it is supercar Pondy and I’m here with Aston Martin today in the UAE now we’re gonna talk through the differences between the latest Aston Martin models we’ll go to the baby of the market so there were all the advantages and now they brought out a new vantage this is the new Vantage model and it’s a v8 twin turbo so it’s about 3.6 seconds 0 to 100 it’s got just over 500 horsepower these two are both DB 11s so this is one step up from the Vantage the DB 11 v8 that this white car here it has the same engine as the Vantage so a v8 twin turbo with about 500 horsepower but the difference is this one is 0 to 100 in 4 seconds so it’s a little bit slower off the mark but it has a higher top speed so the top speed advantage is 312 and the top speed of the DB 11 v8 is 322 km/h this is also a TB 11 its DB 11 AMR and at the v12 and the v12 is actually in house built by Aston Martin so this is the v12 twin turbo 631 it goes zero to 100 and in about 3.7 seconds these are the two DB 11 so we’re talking about now we go up one more of the range seafood top of the range Aston Martin right here the DBS Superleggera I love how this is written here is another spot and look at this paint super-sparkly but this is a v12 the 12th v12 twin turbo and it has 715 horsepower fleet really goes this is top top top but most importantly let’s hear the differences in sound right should we start with the baby again let’s go down to the bank all right so here we are in the fan which by the way if you haven’t seen my other YouTube video we were able to fit in two massive suitcases and to carry on suitcases in the Vantage it’s actually got lotsa lotsa space even though it’s a two-seater so this is the same engine that you would find in a city good in that I am gene it’s turning into sports what quite aggressive a lot of coffee that’s bandaged top speed of 312 kilometers now we’re going to go into the DV 11 v8 so same engine but this is a little bit higher up the market this one has little seats in the back so if you need to pop someone in for a short cruise thank you and look at the differences interior as well coming misreading theories so here’s a little seat movie Ford button switch this one into sports as well what’s worse it’s a very different cell do you think sound very different from now more dude it’s a little bit deeper still got the Bob slow that is the DB 11 v8 that has a higher top speed even though it has the same engine as the advantage it has a higher top speed so this one has 630 horsepower alright let’s see how different this one sounds so this one the engine remember is in-house built less poppy in some very deep it’s like a deep brown this one is the top of the range the Superleggera so they they all come stand it also a beautiful just majorly power it has a top speed of 340 this one’s more Gergely you can hear it as soon as it starts up compared to the DP 11 anymore do you think it’s kind of a combination between the bandages goggle like deep roar it’s got both of them together the DBS Superleggera is the replacement for the vanquish you guys have heard me say this before but I think the vanquish yes especially I was driving not you the best-sounding cars on the market the eleven has replaced the db9 you might be wondering so it went from db9 to DV 11 where it’s db10 in James Bond baby it doesn’t actually exist on the roads it’s just in the James Bond film so you think you’re buying an Aston let’s just run through what they’re going to cost it entry-level Vantage one hundred and eighty thousand dollars the TV 11 the v8 version with two hundred and twenty two thousand b12 this one is two hundred and sixty-six thousand dollars and then the top of the range the DBS Superleggera is going for three hundred and twenty thousand dollars alright that’s your little summary of the latest a smart models of the market hope you enjoyed please like the video subscribe to my channel much much more to come and phobia

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