How to transport cars from USA

How to transport cars from USA


Statistics show that every year more and more cars on our roads imported from America. Company of America Motors told how to bring cars from the States and why it is beneficial for the buyer. The secret is that the vehicle travelled from the USA much cheaper than similar on the market.

The reasons for the popularity of transportation

Americans massively acquire a vehicle at affordable prices, then to exchange them for the more prestigious. Thousands of cars on the move ages 2-3 years remain in the Parking lots. Starting in 2016, Ukraine has significantly reduced customs duties, the customs clearance of used cars fell.

Given the low rates for transportation vehicles and related costs, transportation of used cars has become much cheaper than buying a new one. Therefore, to acquire the vehicle in good condition is now easier than ever.

For example, the brand of Mazda CX-9 consider options: a new car cost $50 000. The same model in the Ukrainian salons 2017 release – $30 000. If you buy a car from US with the same characteristics in America Motors, it will cost a little more than $17 000.

What is the procedure of transportation

If you want to look for a car yourself, you can look at the website of the popular American sites. They can choose the right brand and participate in the auction. Further actions in case of winning completely depend on the owner. You must arrange transportation with a marine company to pay for a place in the container and to personally collect your purchase in Odessa port in 2.5 months. But it is difficult for a person who’s never done it.

Delivery charge is taken into account in the parameters. A lot depends on the brand, weight, size and number of TS in the container. If the machine is not transported from coastal areas, occupy much space and comes one, the price for transportation will be higher. And Vice versa. The closer to the port and loading takes place several cars in a container, and if you consider the East coast and a small size car such as a sedan, it will significantly reduce the cost of shipping. To understand about how much it will cost auto, it is recommended to use the delivery calculator on the website of the company.

Another important point: customs clearance and certification of the vehicle. Customs also exists a definite formula, which is also incorporated in the calculator.

In addition, during careless transportation the potential risk of urgent repairs. If no experience, time and desire to do all of this yourself, and also to protect themselves from these risks, it is better to take the help of experts.


On the website of America Motors you can view a list of the most popular models at very good prices. In the catalog you can find the most famous brands:

  • American – Hummer, Jeep, Cadillac;
  • Japanese – Toyota, Mazda and Nissan;
  • German – BMW, Volkswagen, Audi etc.

The company undertakes to deliver you the desired car to “turnkey” directly to your home and ensure the solution of all problems related to purchasing, transportation, customs clearance and certification.

You need to purchase a car from US:

  • specify the desired parameters of the vehicle in the form on the website;
  • after a successful purchase expect cheques for payment (invoice) and transfer the required amount;
  • to get the car ready with the documents at their doorstep.

To see the full list of cars and buy cars in perfect condition no problem, if you go to the website of America Motors. The company will take all the fuss and promptly deliver you the desired car.

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