How to turn a car into a joystick for video games?

How to turn a car into a joystick for video games?


General Motors has patented a curious technology that allows you to turn a car into a kind of game joystick. As stated in the documentation filed with the US Patent Office, the function can work both in the parking lot and while driving: in the second case, the system will use data from sensors and create a kind of virtual picture. It can be broadcast on the screen of the salon media system, on VR glasses or virtual reality devices.

The steering wheel and pedals of the car will act as controls in the game. Passengers will also be able to play, but they will have to connect the usual game controllers or joysticks.

The system will also take into account data from rain sensors and display the current weather overboard in the game. However, in addition to realistic rain, General Motors decided to add other effects: for example, at high temperatures, the virtual world will look melted, and in case of frost, it will look frozen.

It will also be possible to turn on the game while parked, which seems to be the most logical scenario. Earlier, Tesla decided to experiment with a similar function: it added several games to the media system, which immediately attracted the attention of the US National Traffic Safety Administration. After the trial, the engineers had to update the software, eliminating the possibility of running games while driving.

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