How will phantom cars work?

How will phantom cars work?


By the end of 2021, four unmarked police cars called “Phantom” will be brought onto the roads of Ukraine, which will control the speed of the car around them.

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky today at the presentation of the priority areas and projects of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Cars” Phantoms “are cars of the National Police without identification marks, it was legally allowed last year, but this year 4 specially equipped cars – phantoms that will track traffic violations in motion – will enter the roads. Fixing will occur automatically. This approach to reducing traffic rules has proven its effectiveness in developed countries and we will use this best practice. Next year there are 23 such cars planned, and in 2023 – 110 “, – said Monastyrsky.

According to him, such cars can simultaneously record up to 50 targets, which move both in the accompanying direction and in the opposite direction. Legally, this method of auto-fixing was allowed last year, the minister added.

“Such cars, as a rule, will not stop offenders, they will only do so if the offense is significant and threatens the safety of other road users. So we get mobile speed-fixing systems. The goal of the police is not to in order to collect more fines, and so that citizens understand that there will be control in wider areas, this prevention should lead to compliance with speed limits, “concluded Monastyrsky.

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