Huawei refused to release its own electric car

Huawei refused to release its own electric car


Even at the end of last year, the media actively wrote that the Chinese IT giant would release its first car. And supposedly this is already a resolved issue.

Now, at the Intelligent Driving Carbon New conference, Wang Jun, COO of Huawei, has officially announced that they are not going to develop and produce a branded electric car.

At the same time, he noted that Huawei will continue to support other automakers. Huawei will continue to produce components and various IT solutions for smart cars of the future. This will limit the contribution of the IT giant to the automotive industry.

Recall that the company is currently actively cooperating with such well-known Chinese brands as BAIC, Changan and GAC.

Interestingly, the company is not interested in expanding such partnerships en masse. Manufacturing automotive electronics requires a lot of resources. So Huawei is not going to introduce its developments into all the machines that are on the market.

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