Humble Ford: Mustang Mach-E was more powerful than expected

Humble Ford: Mustang Mach-E was more powerful than expected


The company glued the iconic name to its new “vysokotsenovoj” the development last fall.

Then it was reported that depending on the type of the power plant and used batteries Mustang Mach-E can boast of from 255 to 332 HP, calculated by American standards (he has a GT-version with 460 HP on Board, but that’s another story).

In fact, the efficiency of the motors electrocreaser may be higher – not much, but also nice. Users of the resource got access to the materials that Ford uses to teach dealers operating with Mustang Mach-E. And it turned out that depending on the modifications the increase will be from 8 to 14 HP

For example, the base version of the SUV with a single motor and standard battery will have at its disposal already 266 HP and 430 Nm, and the power plant is a twin-engine Mach-E battery high capacity supposedly develops 346 HP and 580 Nm of torque.


Our colleagues from the American edition of Motor1 tried to get official comment about such discrepancies in numbers, but Ford spokesman Emma Bergg said only that all more information about the Mustang Mach-E will be released closer to launch.

However, when it occurs, is difficult to say. Pre-production samples of crossover at the plant in Mexico is already assembled and it was assumed that dealers will be fully taking orders for the Mach-E on may 11. To full same Assembly coupe Ford plans to begin in the fall. However, the current situation in North America could easily make a low-realized plans of the company.


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