Hummer EV boasted about its capabilities


A video has appeared on the Web showing the impressive off-road capabilities of the GMC Hummer EV electric pickup. The car passed a series of rather difficult tracks in the Moab Desert (USA).

Jeep has used the challenging tracks in Moab, Utah, USA for years as a showcase for its SUV capabilities, and Ford went there in 2020 to prove the reliability of the all-new generation of Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs. Now it’s GMC’s turn to test the Hummer EV under the harsh conditions.

The Hummer EV has a variety of technologies to help the electric pickup drive off-road.

For example, Terrain Mode offers two levels of braking: a normal setting and one that allows you to control a single accelerator pedal for ease of movement.

β€œOne-Pedal Driving offers a great feeling of control by optimizing regenerative braking, frictional braking and drive motor torque throughout the accelerator pedal,” said Aaron Pfau, GMC Hummer EV Lead Development Engineer.

For particularly large obstacles, the Hummer EV offers a “pull” mode that raises the suspension by 147 millimeters over the standard setting. The table below shows the differences between the different modes.

Standard Values ​​ Terrain Mode Extract Mode
Max. ground clearance 257 mm 302 mm 404 mm
Wading Depth 660 mm 711 mm 813 mm
Max. angle of entry 41.5 degrees 44.3 degrees 49.7 degrees
Max. exit angle 31.6 degrees 33.7 degrees 38.4 deg.

The exclusive Edition 1 Hummer EV will go on sale this fall for $ 112,595. This version of the car will receive all possible options, including the enhanced Super Cruise driver assistance system and the Extreme Off-Road package, which includes underbody protection and 35-inch tires.

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