Hummer EV sold for $2.5 million

Hummer EV sold for $2.5 million


Today, the GMC Hummer EV is considered the best representative on the market for modern electric super pickups. The electric transmission of the novelty can generate 1000 “horses” (746 kW).

The torque of the car reaches 15 592 Nm. The vehicle has received a lot of “smart” functions. The first Hummer EV Edition 1 was recently sold at the Barret Jackson auction for $ 2,500,000.

By eliminating internal combustion engines, the engineering team was able to refine the car’s steering. The new pickup boasts state-of-the-art efficient off-road features. The model is equipped with eighteen underbody cameras, 35-inch tires, underbody armor and adaptive air suspension.

The vehicle’s range is more than 350 kilometers. All other Edition 1 models sold after the first version at a starting price of $ 112,595.

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