Hummer EV will go to customers in December 2021

Hummer EV will go to customers in December 2021


General Motors has confirmed that the all-electric GMC Hummer EV will begin shipping in December. The EPA has announced an announced range of 529 kilometers.

The first to hit the market is the GMC Hummer EV with a price tag of over $ 100,000. Such an electric car will travel almost 530 km without recharging. Although earlier they called him a far-reaching distance of 537 kilometers.

The flagship Hummer EV Edition 1 features a three-motor electric powertrain with a 200 kWh battery. Such a pickup truck develops 1000 horsepower and can accelerate to a hundred in just 3.0 seconds with the included “Watts to Freedom” launch control system.

In an interview with reporters, GMC head Duncan Aldred confirmed that from 2023 more budget options with a larger power reserve will be available. Aldred added that over 80 percent of bookings are for Edition 1, with nearly half of the 125,000 people paying $ 100 to reserve their electric pickup.

In addition to equipping the Hummer EV with a high-performance powertrain, GMC has also installed a four-wheel steering system that gives it a turning radius of just 11.3 meters.

This is hardly more than the Chevrolet Sonic. The pickup also has a Crab Walk feature that can steer all four wheels in the same direction, allowing the pickup to move diagonally.

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