Hummer of the future got a new logo

Hummer of the future got a new logo


Someone might think that the Hummer brand has been lost in time, but the fans are eagerly waiting for the electrified version of the favorite military truck of America, turned into a suburban SUV. The countdown continues.

Manufacturer H3, SUV that competed with the GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Suburban, recently published a new logo that will change everything that symbolizes the brand. With the publication of a Hummer Chat at the disposal of our edition has the latest information about how will look the branding of the upcoming electric vehicle. The logo consists of the word Hummer, superimposed on a capital letter H, with the letters “EV”, overlapping the right side of the letter H stylized font. I must say, looks pretty good.


The President of the company GM Mark Raissa hinted that the automaker will explore the possibility of mounting the batteries on some of their most popular platforms. He said that in the coming years we will see “a few pickups”. Certainly it is known that the development of electric Hummer continued despite Covid-19, but the date appearing from the middle of may was postponed indefinitely.

New Hummer EV must be presented as extreme off-road pickup truck, followed by more “civilized” options with fully independent suspension as standard. Beginner promised with the grid 800 In stock with fast charging constant current of 350 kW and will be available in configurations with one, two or three engines. GM expects this car will produce about 1000 BHP and 1000 Nm of torque.

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