Hummer on workaround technology? Normal waiting for another year

Hummer on workaround technology? Normal waiting for another year


Canadian company Magna has begun construction of a plant in Michigan, where they will make cases for GMC batteries.

Canadian concern Magna announced the start of construction of a plant in Michigan. It will produce Ultium series battery cases for the new GMC Hummer electric vehicles.

This is a small factory with a staff of 300 people. More interesting, however, is the start date of production – the beginning of 2022. At the same time, deliveries of the Hummer pickup itself should begin in the fall of 2021.

The new information partly confirms the idea that the very first “Hummers” will be made in very limited quantities and with some kind of workaround technology. These cars, by the way, have long been sold out. A full-fledged serial production of electric vehicles will be launched only in 2022.

The Hummer will be powered by LG Energy Solution’s new Ultium series batteries. These are large prismatic lithium-ion batteries that are individually much larger than even Tesla’s new finger-type batteries. Although Magna’s release only mentions Hummer, we can safely assume that the new plant will also make battery housings for other General Motors electric vehicles.

Magna is known as a major manufacturer of automotive components and the largest manufacturer of cars under foreign brands. In particular, it is she, commissioned by Jaguar, produces the I-Pace electric crossover, and is also preparing to make the Fisker Ocean electric car.

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