Hummer, which we weren’t expecting: new logo and future Prime Minister

Hummer, which we weren’t expecting: new logo and future Prime Minister


Premier GMC Hummer pickup is scheduled for the second half of may this year. Maybe the model will debut online.

American concern General Motors since 1992, released under the name Hummer civilian off-road vehicles, which was established on the basis of military vehicles Humvee. In 2008 the decision was made to sell in time to remember the many Hummer brand Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., however, this deal eventually was struck. So in 2010, GM dismantled the Hummer division. Now famous name is back, though not quite in the form in which it was waiting. The name given to the family of electric vehicles.

As reported by GM Authority, the group filed documents in the patent and trademark office (USPTO) to register its new logo, designed for the future the new GMC Hummer EV. Trademark assigned serial number 88784232, it belongs to the category “land vehicles, namely, passenger cars, trucks and SUV; bike”.


The logo remains the text, but the new stylized brand name Hummer not the same font that was used on previous models of the brand (Hummer H2 and H3). Letters still “aquadrene” but are “bevels”, which visually softens the inscription, and the “E” resembles a plug that indicates the future of the family Hummer to electric vehicles.

The presentation of the firstborn of the ruler of electropica GMC Hummer – scheduled for may 20, 2020. While it is not clear whether this will be a special event in Las Vegas or the debut will take in the Network (due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus). The line must enter and closed the modification of the model: currently unknown, will do “female” SUV with the cargo version, or it will open later. The publication reports that a pickup truck will be the prefix to the name of the SUT (to distinguish it from the SUV).

The basis of pickup truck and SUV Hummer laid down a new platform of GM, designed for electric vehicles. Within the wheelbase is the battery Ultium, developed jointly with the Korean company LG Chem. Capacity ranges from 50 to 200 kW*h, operating voltage 400 or 800 V. the 400-volt battery can be recharged at terminals fast charging power up to 200 kW, and 800 V on the terminals with a capacity of up to 350 kW. According to preliminary data, the maximum reserve will be equal to 644 km.

It is expected that models GMC Hummer will be equipped with different power units, including one, two, or three electric motors. As we noted earlier, the three-engine system, the impact will exceed 1000 HP acceleration from 0 to 97 km/h (0 to 60 mph) innovations with the most powerful “stuffing” will take only 3 seconds.

Pickup and SUV GMC Hummer EV has the same air suspension, which is at the current full-size SUVs of GM. Interestingly, for windscreen cleaning cars will use the three wiper blades instead of the usual two.


Serial production of pickup will establish at the Detroit plant D-HAM (Detroit-Hamtramck). On this site we are currently completing the production of the Cadillac CT6 and Chevrolet Impala, in the future it will fit for release exclusively electric cars: Hummer cars will be produced in 2021, then the line will have pilotless passenger Shuttle Cruise Origin and the “green” Cadillac Escalade and GMC Sierra (expected in 2023).

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