Hummer will return to the title electric SUV

Hummer will return to the title electric SUV


However, the heavy design of the SUV closer to modern realities: the “hammer” can be… electric.

Ten years after the stamp went into the hall of fame the automotive industry, again there were rumors about its possible revival.

Buyers “hammer” after the next reincarnation will have to look for charging stations instead of gas stations: according to Reuters, GM is going to run at its plant in the Detroit build some new electric vehicles by 2021 and may include an electric “rascal”.


It is anticipated that the leadership group is discussing the possibility to bring the machine to the market under the brand Hummer. The project of the luxurious elektrovagonniy the Americans are going to spend about $ 3 billion mostly in the form of investment in retrofitting the plant in Detroit.

The project involves the addition of an SUV to create another and at least two pickups with the electric motors. The first model will be the same in 2021, but for her the Hummer brand will not be used. But a year later, GM is going to release its “charged” modification, and a full-sized SUV will be produced by 2023.

It is noted that the green light to the project of revival of the Hummer brand is not given: “green” product can fill up the model line Cadillac brand.

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