Humvee, which will still give heat

Humvee, which will still give heat


Army off-road vehicles HMMWV with light armor, equipped with TOW-2 anti-tank missiles, can go to Ukraine. This assumption was made by the American military expert Philip Karber.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Defense Express.

According to him, the US Marine Corps is sending HMMWV armored off-road vehicles equipped with TOW-2 anti-tank missile systems for storage and conservation. Carber also believes that sending several hundred armored Hummers with TOW-2 missile launchers would be a quick and cost-effective way to deal with the threat in the east.

Ukraine may receive armored Hummers with a new missile system from the United States However, the scenario with the appearance of new anti-tank missiles for the Ukrainian army in the Donbass can be considered very unlikely. The modification of the vehicle with missiles has the index HMMWV M-1046. In total, the United States has about 1,370 Hummers with such installations.

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