Hundreds of Tesla electric cars were blocked due to a failure

Hundreds of Tesla electric cars were blocked due to a failure


Tesla electric car owners faced a massive disruption in the application – because of this, they could not get into the salon for about five hours, as the locks were locked. The fact is that the doors can be opened in two ways – either using a traditional key fob, or from a smartphone, and in most cases drivers choose the second option, since the phone is always at hand. They were the ones who got stuck when the application stopped working.

Tesla received angry complaints from motorists who were held hostage to the situation – there were about half a thousand such messages on Twitter alone. To some, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, answered personally: he assured that the company was aware of the problem and was looking for a solution. As a result, the failure was resolved only after five hours, and Musk promised that it would not happen again.

Access to the car through an application in a smartphone simplifies its use and saves time: this can be compared with the fact that many people have already given up the need to take their wallet with bank cards everywhere, preferring to pay with their phone. In this situation, Tesla turned out to be a “victim” of its own success – the company offered its customers advanced technology, made it popular, but could not ensure its performance.

Moreover, this is not the only problem that owners of electric cars of this brand may face. So, in early November, about 12 thousand cars were recalled due to a dangerous software error that causes false collision warnings. They activate the automatic emergency braking system, which can suddenly stop the car on the road and cause an accident.

Early in November, Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers revealed a suspension defect: the lateral thrust of the front left wheel runs the risk of spontaneously disconnecting while driving due to loosened mounting bolts. This can potentially lead to loss of control and, as a result, an accident. They promised to fix the problem for free at any Tesla service center.

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