Hungarian “Zaza”: 27, as if nothing had happened

Hungarian “Zaza”: 27, as if nothing had happened


The famous ZAZ-1102 Tavria can be seen not only in Ukraine but also in neighbouring countries. For example, at least two Ukrainian hatchback registered in Hungary.

This “sweet couple” can be seen in the photo, which recently published a Facebook community Ukrainian avtomobl. Judging by the images, both cars are in good condition, and one of them is looks like a solid top five.


In the caption to the picture notes that hatchback in the foreground was released in 1993, its run only 14 000 km On the back of the plan there is a copy in 1994 with mileage 83 000 km both cars with Hungarian number plates of old design (before the country’s accession to the EU).

Cars belong to one person named Andor Gere.

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