Hunters Cars – over the U.S.


By stretching 3 rocky cars for our customers. Mi maєmo access to the selection of a car from Ford Focus to Bentley Continental.

Minimal cost, minimum run, competitive price – illusion, like making noise when picking up a car from the USA. It’s known that you’ll be able to spend it on a regular car and repair it in Kiev on a vlasny service.

When choosing a car, we will need to calculate beforehand for a falsified car repair, such a rank of the customer is the amount of your residual vitrati.

Skin day we take part in the most popular auctions. Hunters Cars have more than 20 cars available for replacement. Get to know the car by asking for the address of st. Sumska, 3 that on the site.

In Hunters Cars, see:

  • consultation of pre-qualified experts for the selection of cars for supervised services 24/7
  • revision of auto history
  • car delivery from 1,5 m_s
  • Forward defect
  • stowage please with the guarantee of delivery of the other car
  • robots for repair and renewal of cars
  • a guarantee for the robotics viconan
  • a service with a car certification on a vehicle
  • service from car restoration

I would like to ask you to Hunters Cars for a quick selection and a safe place to buy a car.

Hunters Garage

vul. 0979803030

vul. Sumska, 3

m. Київ

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