“Hurricane turn”: the new GMC Yukon has got the function of Hurricane Turn

“Hurricane turn”: the new GMC Yukon has got the function of Hurricane Turn


Recently represented the GMC Yukon SUV is the fifth generation had an unusual feature due to the special configurations he is able to literally turn on a dime. A function was called Hurricane Turn (hurricane turn), and similar to Turn Tank (tank turn) of the electric Rivian.

About the system edition of Motor Trend, said one of the engineers of the GMC. To activate the Hurricane Turn, need to turn off stabilization completely remove the steering wheel and press the gas pedal. If the SUV is on the surface with low traction (mud, gravel or snow), the electronics will begin to selectively slow down the wheel and gradually reducing the radius of rotation around the Central axis.

According to the representative of GMC, the company will not advertise Hurricane Turn as something unique, because it is a “side effect” fine calibration of the onboard systems.


In the pickup Rivian R1T is similar in function to Turn the Tank, but it works differently. Thanks to four independent electric motors, the SUV spinning in place due to the difference in the direction of rotation of the wheels: right, they can move forward, and the left – back. How it looks live Rivian showed in the video.

New GMC Yukon after the youngest Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban have changed the platform, lost the rear a beam axle, got the air suspension with adjustable ride height and updated range of engines. There are three units: gasoline V8 volume of 5.3 (360 force, 519 Nm of torque) and a 6.2-liter (426 forces, 623 Nm) and a three-liter diesel Duramax (281 forces, 623 Nm).

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