Husqvarna has released the first motorcycle

Husqvarna has released the first motorcycle

Brand Husqvarna has released the first motorcycle – introducing a completely new model ЕЕ5.

This small device “category minicycle”, designed to compete with the 50-kupovini petrol models. The motor is 5 kW, the system of rapid charging, is aimed at young people.

The first fully electric model of the line “Husqvarna” offers young environmentally friendly way to learn to ride, compete, and just have fun. Motorcycle allows seat adjustment – easy adjusting to the demands of the pilot.

Battery – Li-ion. Full charging takes 1 hour and 10 minutes. Torque of 13.8 nm.

Suspension stroke – 205 mm front and 185 mm rear. Brakes – disc. Ground clearance is 252 mm. high Strength frame made of stainless steel. The lightweight wheels. Neken Handle. Energetic graphics. 6 drive modes, between which you can switch easily. This all – new Husqvarna EE5.

The motorcycle will be available at authorized dealers of the brand worldwide from July, and in North America since August.

The price of the device in Europe, for example, in the UK – 4 £ 500 (about 5,700 dollars).