Husqvarna introduced the modernized off-road lineup

Husqvarna introduced the modernized off-road lineup


Manufacturer Husqvarna announces off-road line 2021, which consists of seven models: the dual-sports the FE 501 and FE 350; off-road chetyrehkantnye FE 501 and FE 350; off-road injection of dvuhmestnij TE 300i, 250i TE, TE 150i.

All seven models received new colors. Model TE 150i upgraded with a new piston. The rest of the line Husqvarna 2021 no different from the current one.


In addition, the model for the Husqvarna and KTM is almost identical but there are differences:

  1. the KTM is used mericana the rear suspension system where the shock absorber is used to provide progressive damping, while at Husqvarna rear suspension linkage and shock absorber WP installs X-Act
  2. motorcycles Husqvarna and KTM have different damping settings
  3. the KTM aluminum subframe, and Husqvarna – two-section made of composite material based on polyamide and carbon
  4. used on KTM handlebar Neken, Husqvarna – ProTaper
  5. GSK-disks for Husqvarna PowerParts Wave on Ctmh
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