Husqvarna unveils E-Pilen – electric motorcycle concept

Husqvarna unveils E-Pilen – electric motorcycle concept


Husky’s regiment of arrows has arrived: an e-arrow will be added to whites (Vitpilen) and black (Svartpilen) in the near future!

Information about the promising electric bike Husqvarna e-Pilen appeared in the fall of last year: in the presentation documents of the parent company Pierer Mobility AG, it was declared as a model of 2022. Late last year, Stefan Pierer revealed that his company is working with Bajaj engineers on electric motors for this project. It was about two engines: a small one with a capacity of 4 kW, and a more serious one with 8 kW.

Husqvarna recently presented the e-Pilen concept, equipped with an 8-kilowatt electric motor with a battery that provides the motorcycle with a range of about 100 km. More details about the technical nuances of the motorcycle have not yet been said.

The emphasis was placed only on the fact that e-Pilen will be equipped with replaceable batteries, the development of the standard of which is now being dealt with by a recently formed consortium of motorcycle manufacturers. This solution should significantly increase the attractiveness of electric motor vehicles.

The company promised to disclose the details of the new concept in the near future. Well, we will traditionally wait.

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