Hybrid Bentley Flying Spur crossed Iceland

Hybrid Bentley Flying Spur crossed Iceland


British brand Bentley has shared the results of testing a prototype Flying Spur Hybrid in Iceland. The official dealership of the brand informs that the car has successfully crossed the whole country without stopping.

One of the manufacturer’s achievements is the use of only environmentally friendly biofuel. It meets the requirements of the EN228 standard, which applies to regular gasoline, but is also produced from biomass (straw). One of the global advantages can be called the possibility of using it in any gasoline engines, which the testers took advantage of, testing it on a promising model.

The electricity for the hybrid propulsion system is sourced from Iceland’s geothermal power grid. In addition, Bentley estimates that the Flying Spur hybrid emits 45% less emissions than a conventional ICE car. In total, the sedan managed to drive about 733 kilometers without stopping.

The company notes that the new model is one of the first fruits of Beyond100’s global strategy to electrify the range. The Flying Spur Hybrid is slated for release in 2022. By 2024, the brand hopes to introduce a plug-in hybrid in every family, with Bentley’s first electric car debuting a year later.

As a reminder, Bentley is not the only luxury car manufacturer to focus on green powertrains. In 2023, rivals from Rolls-Royce will show the production Specter electric sedan.

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