Hybrid BMW M5 is already on the road

Hybrid BMW M5 is already on the road


The long-circulating rumors about the electrification of the BMW M5 turned out to be true. More recently, photo spies were able to capture test samples of an unknown Bavarian sedan brand. The enlarged brake discs and the four-pipe exhaust system suggest that this is an M5 sports sedan.

But the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker on the prototype’s driver’s door will surely become a real nightmare for all classic BMW M5 lovers. If someone considers it insufficiently convincing evidence of the “green” origin of the car, then the charging port cover can be easily found on the front fender.

But will the M5 still have a multi-liter V8? In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport last November, former BMW M GmbH CEO Markus Flasch stated that engineers are still looking for ways to make the V-8 (as well as the inline-six) more efficient. The priority is to reduce fuel consumption and comply with stricter emission standards. Both motors should survive until about 2030.

Recall that recently the BMW M GmbH division presented its first original model in many years – the Concept XM concept crossover, and it has just a hybrid power plant! It is based on a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8, docked with an electric motor. The total output is 750 hp. and 1000 Nm of torque. On pure electric traction “X-Em” is able to drive about 80 kilometers (according to the WLTP method). It is possible that similar components and assemblies will be registered under the hood of the future M5. It is interesting that even the existing sedan has a very considerable weight. With the electric superstructure, the mass will surely soar even higher, which will affect the dynamics and maneuverability.

In the meantime, the new generation of the BMW 5-Series is due to arrive in 2023, alongside the all-electric i5. As for the hardcore M5, it shouldn’t debut until 2024.

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