Hybrid crossover Nissan Rogue dismissed

Hybrid crossover Nissan Rogue dismissed

The resource Autoblog found that the Rogue Hybrid not stated in the price list for the 2020 model year. The journalists asked for clarification from the U.S. office of Nissan, and the press Secretary Kevin Raftery confirmed the resignation of the modification. According to him, the hybrid had “a small part of the total sales of the model”, so they say, the company decided to “focus” on promoting a standard SUV and his younger brother Sport Rogue (Qashqai)

Rogue and X-Trail are one and the same. In America, this best-selling: for 2018 implemented 412 110 copies (+8645). A hybrid joins the range in 2016. His sales results is unknown.

Hybrid installation includes petrol “four” 2.0 (143 HP, 195 Nm) and the electric motor 30 kW (41 HP). The total output is 178 HP Mixed flow – 34 MPG (6.9 l/100 km). Prices on Rogue SV Hybrid start at $28 595.

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Only one sluggish demand the resignation was not due, as its role appears to be played a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Although she is more expensive (from $29 650), but more powerful (222 HP) and more efficient. Combined consumption is 40 MPG (5.8 l/100 km). Meanwhile, in Japan, where X-Trail Hybrid has appeared in 2015, to curtail sales no one is going. There is a choice of a dozen versions. Most affordable 20S Hybrid is estimated at 2 623 320 yen ($24 300).

Hybrids are the “new wave” displace predecessors from the market?

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