Hybrid electric bike Nawa Racer

Hybrid electric bike Nawa Racer


On the eve of EICMA 2021, more and more interesting news appears. Many companies prepared for this exhibition with great enthusiasm as last year’s event was canceled due to the pandemic.

NAWA has announced its new creation, the Nawa Racer, which will be the first of its kind available to customers around the world. The motorcycle will be shown at EICMA 2021, but we will now look at how the new product works. Many companies are working on hybrid motorcycles, but they don’t go beyond concepts and prototypes. Nawa Racer has several unique features.

Nawa Racer uses NAWAcap supercapacitors, making Nawa the first company to develop a production motorcycle with such advanced technology. Nawa’s developers have combined nano-technology supercapacitors with traditional lithium-ion batteries to create a hybrid system that can store energy in start-stop mode.

In fact, all manufacturers in the world are struggling with the same problems. Lossless energy storage, rechargeable batteries and display of ever-decreasing power reserve. Apparently, the new Nawa Racer can travel up to 500 km on a single charge!

We are waiting for EICMA 2021 to find out more detailed specifications, prices and see real photos.

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