Hybrid flying car Aska Concept takes off and lands like a helicopter

Hybrid flying car Aska Concept takes off and lands like a helicopter

The guys from the American-Israeli startup NFT created a prototype machine that can take off like a helicopter. According to the developers, the novelty will receive the autopilot as well, which will drive the vehicle both on the ground and in the air.

Flying cars are not something new in today’s automotive industry – the first development belong to the first decades of the last century, and even a legendary figure – the founder of Ford, Henry Ford, participated in a similar project in the mid 1920-ies. In recent times, companies like AeroMobil and Terrafugia, has made significant progress in the development of such transport. But most, if not all, previous projects required runway/landing strip.

Meet Aska, flying car, developed by the us-Israeli start-up NFT (short for Next Future Transportation). In fact, the machine is classified as a vehicle eVTOL that means it is electric and has the ability of vertical take-off/landing.

In fact, it can be run as a conventional machine with folded back wings or use as a small private aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing, like a helicopter. When the wings open, they open up 10 duct fans, two more are hiding in the back of the car and two more built into the wings.

The power the vehicle is powered by a large battery and a petrol engine that provides flight range is approximately 563 km In the cabin can accommodate up to three passengers, and the initial plan is to create an intelligent Autonomous system for navigation and control the vehicle on the road and in the air. If and when Aska reaches mass production, it is expected that its starting price will be about $ 200,000, but the company behind it, also working on a subscription service with monthly payments of $ 200 to $ 300 respectively.

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