Hybrid Ford Explorer opened a “Window to Europe”

Hybrid Ford Explorer opened a “Window to Europe”


Such information began to appear about a year ago. Now the return of the SUV is officially confirmed.

The American company Ford is going to expand its range on the European continent. We are talking about the beginning of sales in Europe, the updated model Explorer. At the same time in Europe will come to a hybrid specification, but the petrol and diesel versions will not be exact. This is due to tightening environmental regulations for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The hybrid engine will be based on the 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine with the recoil 457 HP At the same time on the same electricity car can travel 42 km.


The car has three rows of seats and is able to comfortably accommodate 7 passengers. Also note the ability to attach a trailer weighing up to 2.5 tons. It is already known that European buyers will receive a special external kit ST-Line, climate control in three zones – one for each row of seats, and a modern multimedia system with broad functionality.

However, to conquer the European market with the new Ford Explorer will be easy. The reason will be quite high cost – the company has priced the car at 76,000 euros.

By the way, for the same amount you can buy hybrid versions of models from leading European brands.

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