Hybrid Ford Kuga: caution possible fire hazards!

Hybrid Ford Kuga: caution possible fire hazards!


American brand Ford confirmed the temporary suspension of sales of its new Kuga PHEV due to concerns about overheating batteries.

Plug-in hybrid SUV arrived in showrooms a couple of months ago and still was considered successful, as it accounts for half of the Kuga, registered in Europe in the second quarter of this year.

However, Ford released a statement which acknowledged that selling the Kuga PHEV built until 26 June 2020, is suspended “temporarily”. The statement also says that “information from the scene indicates that four car fires were probably caused by overheating the high voltage battery”.


“Potential concern” has led not only to stop shipments and sales of new models. With customers who received their cars, was also contacted and told not to charge the high voltage battery “until further notice”.

It is unknown how difficult it will be to solve the problem, because it is believed that this is due to the battery charging module. It is also unclear why the issue only affected the Kuga, built before the end of June. It is believed that in the world affected to 27 000 vehicles.

Although it is not expected that the fires were was any injury, the fact that on a relatively new car was a fire is a concern.

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