Hybrid Honda CR-V Better than the RAV4?

Hybrid Honda CR-V Better than the RAV4?


Hybrid technology in cars may seem boring, and yet – at least not yet that is unreasonably expensive. Yes, and the principle of operation of he appears to know everyone: there is an internal combustion engine, has an electric motor and a traction battery, and overall optimized for better dynamics during acceleration and efficiency while driving in town. Often all that.

But not today. Because today we have on test is a hybrid version of the crossover Honda CR-V. And the principle of operation of a combined power plant of this car so very far from the concept of “classic” hybrid. Yes, there is the engine (2.0-liter, 145 HP and 175 Nm, running at an economical Atkinson cycle), Yes, there is a motor (184 power and 315 Nm of torque), and the battery is also present. But direct connection of the engine and the drive wheels (as in our test namely the front-wheel version) no… in short, the engine is mounted solely in order to charge the battery.

Justified whether such an approach? And what (engineering and/or comfort point of view) you had to sacrifice to implement it? Maybe use the engine in this way is one of the correct options? In order to answer these questions, we not only tested the Honda, but compared to the hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4. And this crossover is the bearer of the “classical” hybrid systems: a 2.5-liter (also running on the Atkinson cycle) engine on 178 forces and 221 Nm, there is a motor with recoil, 120 forces and 218 Nm of torque, and torque is transmitted by means of transmission e-CVT, based on the planetary gear.

We compared the fuel consumption of these crossovers, measured the driving dynamics of the CR-V (and was incredibly surprised because such results for a long time nobody showed), I tried to let it discharge the battery completely to see how that will behave in (such and such) a hybrid powerplant. Of course, to detail dismantled the principle of operation of the latter.

And I forgot to tell you about the consumer qualities of both crossovers, taking into account their cost.

So it will be interesting. Pleasant viewing!

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  • Felix CintronNovember 3, 2021 23:21

    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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