Hybrid McLaren, and not for €1.000.000?


In the coming months, the British McLaren will add to the “younger” family Sports Series rechargeable hybrid. On it informs edition Autocar referring to own sources.

It is assumed that the yet-untitled, the novelty will be declassified in the summer and will go on sale before the end of the year. Unlike all the other “McLaren” using different versions of the V8 brand, this hybrid will get a V6 in combination with electric motor.

McLaren CEO Mike Fluit tells about the hybridization of the lineup for five years: it is estimated that by the middle of the next decade will be electrified all the sports cars and supercars brand. Relevant experience the company already has, but so far she was doing a hybrid only model of the flagship line of Ultimate Series: P1, P1 GTR and Speedtail. Due to the electrical appendage hybrids inevitably become heavier, but Mike Fluit and CEO of Jens of Ludman sure that the engineers at Woking are able to compensate for this by using lightweight composite materials.


It is expected that the new “affordable” hybrid McLaren would drive with the engine off only about 32 kilometers. Apparently, the manufacturer and not torn as a large green reserve: it is more important than the dynamics track and significant fuel savings, which when traveling on long distances can provide even a small battery.

Fluit believes that hybridization will play a key role in the transition to zero emissions, and he would prefer that this transition was not too fast. The CEO also confirmed the readiness to release one hundred percent electric car, but expressed doubt that the UK is ready for this in terms of infrastructure, supply chain components, and the like.

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