Hybrid or electric: the experts

Hybrid or electric: the experts


For many motorists still the question remains, what is better for driving in Ukraine is a hybrid or electric car? Company of America Motors along with the experts offers to weigh the pros and cons to determine the final decision for buying the most optimal variant of the vehicle.

The specificity of hybrid and electric cars

Hybrid cars are distinguished by the presence of 2 motors – electric and internal combustion engines. They were created with the purpose of fuel economy that, according to various estimates, almost 50% less in comparison with diesel and petrol powertrains. The hybrid is also devoid of the problems of overspending, since the set speed and the braking occurs on the electric motor. Importantly, unlike electric cars, the driver can not worry about its batteries run down, and makes them more in demand.

I prefer more Ukrainian motorists

When you import hybrid cars from the United States to the territory of Ukraine there are no benefits to electric vehicles. Electric cars are not taxed, excise taxes, import duty etc. But if we are talking about hybrids, this exception does not apply. However the car with the engine and battery are practically not inferior electric. And most in demand it used cars, both electric and hybrid.

The lack of development of internal infrastructure to support electric cars afloat, can not boast of a large electric vehicle fleet in the country. While officials indicate that a significant share of the car market will be electric cars only towards 2030. Accordingly, hybrids are still the preferred option of a car for any motorist in Ukraine.

5 reasons to buy hybrid cars

Experts have identified 5 reasons why buying a hybrid will be cheaper in comparison with electric cars.

  1. The availability and variety of products in comparison with electric cars.
  2. A large number of versions.
  3. The lack of sufficient infrastructure for pure electric vehicles, while hybrid is less whimsical in constant supply, especially during its regular operation.
  4. The loyalty of dealers to the hybrids, because sales and service are similar to traditional cars with internal combustion engines.
  5. The ignorance industry by the consumer. Despite the advent of electric cars, they still remain for many motorists a closed subject.

6 best reasons for buying electric cars

To give preference to electrocare instead of hybrid is because:

  • they do not require special maintenance, as cars with internal combustion engines;
  • the batteries are able to generate more energy;
  • torque is instant and therefore faster than electric cars from hybrid relatives;
  • more space inside the cabin;
  • full, 100% environmentally friendly;
  • the possibility of buying a car with tax discounts, benefits.


So, all cards are revealed, the pros and cons are named. If you want to buy organic used cars of USA – refer to https://americamotors.com/auction/electroauto. Here know how to please each client and ensure the full safety of the transaction. And, if we talk about the benefits of the acquisition, then of course the electric has no equal, even if they were bought in America. Another thing – our country is not yet quite ready to accept and provide them with everything necessary for a comfortable operation. While hybrids remain the favourites, but we are confident that this situation will soon change dramatically.

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