Hybrid Range Rover will become more efficient

Hybrid Range Rover will become more efficient


Land Rover’s test team is currently in the hottest part of Europe to assess the on-road behavior of the next generation Range Rover. Photo spies managed to capture one of the test prototypes, and it looks like it was equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

There are two clear indications that this is indeed an electric version. Firstly, it has both a fuel door and a charging port, and secondly, there is a corresponding sticker on the front glass indicating electrification.

The next Range Rover will be available with a wide range of internal combustion engines, however each one is likely to receive an injection of electricity. As for the plug-in hybrid, the American version of the P400e currently produces a total of 404 hp. and has only 30 km of run with the engine switched off. Both are expected to increase with the next generation of the model.

The design will not undergo any major changes, but some elements will be reminiscent of the Range Rover Velar. As for the debut, it can take place before the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next.

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