Hybrids BMW will be forced to disable the engine

Hybrids BMW will be forced to disable the engine


That BMW will “teach” their hybrid models go to electric in a special ecozone, it became known two years ago. However, then German automaker was only considered a technical possibility. Now the Germans presented their experience.

In many European cities, local authorities are active in the fight for the environment. To improve the ecological situation in large cities, introduced stringent requirements for the transport and formed a special zone.

With this in mind, BMW decided to add to their hybrid models feature forced off a conventional internal combustion engine. So, the Bavarian brand has presented technology geofences for their hybrids – it will work in London and Birmingham. With this development will reduce the so-called “carbon footprint” of hybrids in the centers of large cities.


Thanks to new development in special zones of the power plant will be able to automatically switch to electricity. It is reported that access to new technology get all PHEV that support the latest OS version 7.0 BMW.

In this specially protected area will be indicated on the display of the map and the Navigator. Until the technology eDrive Zone are available for several models of the brand, and in their basic versions. Over time, will expand the geography of its distribution – on the order of other cities in the UK and Ireland.

Benefit from the new development of BMW are evident now. The first test eDrive Zone in the Netherlands showed that about 90% of motorists move around the cities without using the engine.

Meanwhile, the company has updated its Lexus hybrid ES sedan. In terms of appearance without modifications, even cosmetic. The whole upgrade of the Japanese premium brand focused on the technical side.

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