Hycan – combines electric brand DAS and Nio


The first electric crossover from SP will appear at the end of this year. His true name is still unknown, but we know that Hycan stands for “Here you can” or “you”.

DAS Nio and created his own company last year and now, more than a year to receive their first production electric car. The first prototype was shown in may at an exhibition in Hangzhou, then it was known that on a single charge it can travel more than 600 km on the NEDC cycle. No more information, the producers did not consider it necessary to report. Except that announced the start of sales in early 2020.


But if you look at the cross more closely, you can see that he most likely built on the basis of one of the models of DAS. But the Nio will provide its intelligent electronics and technology concerning energy consumption.

Note that the GAC leadership-Nio New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. tells about their collaborative work as co-creation and plans to start electric cars and all that concerns them, including research, self-development and sale. In addition, the joint venture plans to create an ecosystem for travel, whatever that means.

What about the first? Similar to the perspective model?

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