Hydrogen BMW X5 is already on the roads

Hydrogen BMW X5 is already on the roads


The BMW brand has started road tests of the i Hydrogen NEXT hydrogen crossover based on the standard BMW X5 model. The prototype was developed in collaboration with Toyota.

BMW’s hydrogen car prototype has hit public roads in Europe. It is noted that during the tests, special attention is paid to software settings, efficiency, safety, convenience and reliability of the hydrogen car. The production BMW i Hydrogen NEXT is expected to begin production in small batches as early as the end of 2022, and mass production will be launched by 2025.

About i Hydrogen NEXT it is known that its power plant includes a fifth generation eDrive power unit familiar from the BMW iX3 model, a fuel cell, an electric converter, as well as 2 cylinders, into which 6 kg of hydrogen gas are injected at a pressure of 700 bar .

Above the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT electric motor is a so-called “peak power battery”: it can briefly increase the output during acceleration from standstill and sudden acceleration. The electrochemical generator develops 170 hp. (125 kilowatts), and the total peak power of the installation reaches 374 hp. (275 kilowatts).

For the first time, the BMW X5 hydrogen crossover was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019: then it made its debut in concept status. The Bavarian manufacturer names among the advantages of such a car a quick refueling, which, unlike recharging electric vehicles, takes less than 4 minutes, as well as a large mileage on one hydrogen tank. Underdeveloped infrastructure remains one of the main obstacles to the development of this area: there is no wide network of filling stations even in Europe.

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