Hydrogen closer: Hyundai lowers prices for Nexo crossover


Hyundai has slashed prices for the only hydrogen car in its product line – the Nexo crossover. In the main market for itself – in the USA – Nexo dropped in price at once by from 7,500 to 20,000 dollars, depending on the configuration. It now starts at $ 42,385, excluding the $ 8,000 tax deduction and the $ 4,500 Green Transportation Subsidy. With these mechanisms, the price can be reduced to $ 29,885.

This significant discount is Hyundai’s attempt to increase consumer interest in Nexo. It turns out that even California, America’s richest state, has few enthusiasts willing to tinker with a very limited hydrogen refueling infrastructure to fight for clean air.

Nexo is Hyundai’s worst-selling product in the US. In 2020, only 208 of these hydrogen cars were sold, in 2019 – 267. The Korean company expected to sell these crossovers in the thousands.

Hyundai Nexo was originally designed as a hydrogen car, so the installation elements are mounted as efficiently as possible. The fuel cells, which convert hydrogen into electricity, are made compact, all the driving parts of the power plant are hidden under the hood, thus, less noise and vibrations penetrate into the cabin. The Nexo has a lithium-ion battery in the trunk. Three hydrogen cylinders are located under the floor at the rear of the body and hold a total of 6.35 kg of gas.

The Hyundai Nexo has a range of 595 kilometers on one hydrogen refueling, while the declared resource of the unit is 240,000 kilometers.

Let us remind you that Nexo is one of the three production hydrogen vehicles in the world. The other two are Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity. The latter, however, will be discontinued in 2022 without replacement due to unprofitableness for Honda.

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