Hydrogen XS: Toyota will help BMW in the development of new power plant

Hydrogen XS: Toyota will help BMW in the development of new power plant


BMW has revealed some details about a new hydrogen power plant Hydrogen i NEXT developed in cooperation with Toyota. It is assumed that the technology of fuel cells will be part of the motor portfolio of the brand and the use of hydrogen will be on top-end versions of the models X-family.

Powerplant BMW i NEXT Hydrogen consists eDrive fifth generation as the future iX3, fuel cell, electric inverter and two cylinders, which under pressure of 700 bar filled with six kilograms of hydrogen gas. Above the electric motor installed so-called “battery peak power” – it boosts short-term impact during acceleration and sudden accelerations. Electrochemical generator produces 125 kilowatts (170 horsepower); total installed power – 275 kW (374 power).

In 2022 BMW is scheduled to launch a pilot batch of X5 with i Hydrogen NEXT. Apparently, the hydrogen crossover will use for running the power plant and preparation for commercialization. Stock cars with the technology of fuel cells will appear in the portfolio of the German mark in early 2025. However, I specify in the company, the launch date may be adjusted depending on the condition and requirements of the world markets. Indeed, to date the installation of hydrogen generation is quite expensive, and a developed network of filling stations is not even in Europe.


However, interest in hydrogen as an alternative fuel shows no sign of abating. For example, Hyundai in the past year showed a concept of the main truck HDC-6 NEPTUNE with the power plant on fuel cells. The inspiration for the unusual appearance of the machine became a passenger train, plying on the new York railroad from 1936 to 1959.

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